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Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India – The websites that buy, sell, and rent properties. Buying a home is the dream of every single family in India. It is also like a big investment for the lifetime of their family. To make them happy and satisfy their dreams. Many real estate websites are working for it. There is a growing needed thing for real estate space. From major areas like Health Care, Education, eCommerce, and Logistics companies. The residential area is expected to grow at a fast speed. As the government is aiming to build 20 million low-priced houses. The property is under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY-A big plan). This will create a demand for space in commercial and retail office spaces.

List Of Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

In India, 75% of property buyers are going through online to find their dream property. This means out of 100 seventy-five people make an online search. before they finalize a property. This is not dependent on online portal results. It also depends on search in other mediums. This number strongly indicates developers cannot miss out on property portals in their campaigns.

1. MagicBricks.com

Is a high-end property portal that caters to a global market. With its unique services and novel online features. Magicbricks has quickly risen to be listed in the top 10 Property Portals in India.

2. Housing.com

Most new and interesting estate advertising platforms for homeowners, landlords, developers, and real estate brokers. The company offers listings for new homes, resale homes, rentals, plots, and co-living spaces in India.

3. 99Acres.com

India’s one of the best property portals deals. With every aspect of the consumers’ needs in the real estate industry. It is an online forum where buyers, sellers, and Agents. They can exchange information about real estate properties quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

4. NoBroker.in

NoBroker is a disruptive real-estate platform. That makes it possible to buy/sell/rent a house without paying any brokerage. Paying hefty brokerage can not be the only option to find a new home.

5. CommonFloor.com

Offers home searchers, sellers, and real estate professionals a big online real estate community. That will helps anyone who is searching for something to the property.

6. Makaan.com

Delivering trustworthy experiences that you cherish for a lifetime. To be the first choice for our consumers and partners. In their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling, and financing a home.

7. ShagunProperties.in

Our mission is to provide support to people, families, Businesses, Investors, and Developers. With a complete solution to real Estate. With exceptional and personalized services for all their property needs. We are always working for you to be your first choice. And also to be on the top listed property portal website in India.

8. Quiker.com/homes

The largest online classified site in India started an up-and-down in real estate called quikr homes. To make this part/area further crowded. Quikr which was early in advertising used products. Started many verticals like quikr easy, quikr bikes, quikr cars, quikr bazaar, and quikr is just another. Almost doing the same thing that other leading players are doing in the market, nothing different or new.

9. IndiaProperty.com

Explore more properties that will match your expectations perfectly here. If you are looking to buy, sell and rent properties in your place then IndiaProperty.com is the ideal platform. That will help you make the right choice. By giving you possible options from reliable sources.

10. Property.Sulekha.com

Buy, Sell and Rent in Mumbai with Properties. Finding a perfect home is not easy. So, real estate websites have the solution. With over 2 lakhs+ listings, 1.5 million+ users, 3500 builders. And real estate agents listing over 40,000+ new projects on the web portal.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites In India

  • MagicBricks.com
  • Housing.com
  • 99Acres.com
  • NoBroker.in
  • CommonFloor.com
  • Makaan.com
  • ShagunProperties.in
  • Quiker.com/homes
  • IndiaProperty.com
  • Property.Sulekha.com 

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Above listed all the properties are low in budget. With full of amenities and various features. Most of the above properties are near to railway station. With accessible places like schools, hospitals, the metro, markets, temples, malls, hospitals, banks, ATMs, and many more. Above Properties has 1 Rk, 2Rk, 1Bhk, 2Bhk, and 3Bhk with more choice. All above properties are ready to move properties. You can contact us anytime and Get your home in a few steps. Shagun Properties is the Best & Fast in Real Estate services. Shagun Properties team is helpful and easy to work with. They will Guide You in Every Step of Buying and Selling a Home.

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Tips: To book your home don’t forget to Carry Rs.10,000/- For Booking cheque.
3 months salary slip/3 years income tax returns.
6 months bank statement along with you.

Available subsidy of Rs.2.67 Lacs under “Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana.”

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